Friday, 13 March 2015

Updated photograph of my daughter after her MAC makeover.
Jimmy Johnstones Faberge Egg photographed on location at Sea Mill Hydro.

Some location photographs from home and abroad.

External & Internal views of a few Hotel Locations

A series of wedding images from various locations around scotland.
A Photograph of the author William McIllvanney, another of my photographs is currently being used in his republished Laidlaw novels.

Friday, 6 February 2009

Lecturer's Have Crash Projects Too!

Went happily to work today to teach my class as normal.
Then got a 'phone call from a plant hire company in London needing 3 Diggers photographed and sent to them today. Finished class, cancelled meeting went home picked up my kit and off to Blantyre. Always remember when visiting plant hire yards wear wellies!
Half an hour later diggers photographed and I'm on my way home.
Tweeks in photoshop sent to client an hour before he wanted them, he's happy, I'm having a beer.
Who needs 10 days!